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Treasures lost under the sea

To celebrate 1k followers@thenailpolishhoarder has a giveaway with the theme “Treasures lost under the sea”. My first thought was pirates! And the hunt for lost pirate treasures!

To set myself an extra challenge I decided to do a one label only mani (except for stamping polish). In my collection of plates I found a Dashica SdP plate with a pirate theme and I found a BornPretty plate with wave-like swirls. And in the stash the label of choice became OPI because of all the beautiful blue shades I own.

Pirate mani with materials used, OPI polish, Nicole diary stamping polish, stamping plates Dashica and BornPrettyHere is my mani in front of all the materials used.

Left to right: OPI I saw... U saw... we saw... Warsaw, OPI Miss Piggy's big number, OPI The sky's my limit, OPI I don't speak meek, OPI 50 years of style, OPI Do you take lei away, Nicole diary black. In the front Dashica SdP-116 and BornPretty BP-L 003.  Left to right: OPI I saw… U saw… we saw… Warsaw, OPI Miss Piggy’s big number, OPI The sky’s my limit, OPI I don’t speak meek, OPI 50 years of style, OPI Do you take lei away, Nicole diary black. In the front Dashica SdP-116 and BornPretty BP-L 003.

On my thumb, index finger and little finger I painted two layers of The sky’s my limit. On my middle finger and ring finger I made a jelly sandwich with Miss Piggy’s big number and I don’t speak meek.

Following this base I stamped the “waves” with I saw… U saw… we saw… Warsaw over The sky’s my limit. I have short nails, so I decided to turn the stamp for a better effect.

On my ring finger I stamped a pirate ship with Nicole Diary black. On my middle finger I made small decal of the treasure map (Do you take lei away) and added a pirate hat and some golden dots (50 years of style) to represent the golden ducats of the treasure! I had hoped that the glitter of I don’t speak meek would do the ducats job, but it was not as visible as I had hoped.

Here is a macro shot of all four fingers holding the treasure of golden ducats 😉

Macro shot of pirate manicure holding OPI I don't speak meekWhat do you think of this?

Until next time!


(Vanwege de challenge is deze post volledig in het Engels)

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